Bittboard is the first Software platform for running a visual commerce business.

reality jUST became your point of sale SYSTEM

See it. buy it.

The only complete toolkit for ALL visual commerce SOLUtions

Convert visual attention into a sale.

BittBoard has designed the first complete visual commerce system. Whether you’re a brand looking to offer commerce capabilities to accompany an Out Of Home advertising campaign or a mobile developer looking to offer your users the ability to purchase what they see, BittBoard’s Spacial Commerce SDK has unrivaled functionality to help you create the best possible product for your users.

Why BittBoard?

More displays, more reach, more impact

Each spatial commerce licensee increases the collective reach and impact for all partners, advertisements and mobile platforms.

SeE for yourself
"Visual commerce is a game changing technology. we can finally get data from our campaigns."
- Uros Mikic

Spacial commerce boosts revenues, offers market insights and increases productivity.

Markets respond to incentives. When financial incentives are aligned with collective effort, a greater benefit is attained. Top organizations create gravity where rewards are aligned to the successful performance of the whole.

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Direct license of proprietary technology enabling marketplace advantages.

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