we invented spacial commerce for you.

BittBoard is a technology company that builds mobile economic infrastructure for the spacial dimension. Our goal behind the visual commerce technology is to empower mobile developers to create checkout counters anywhere within reality.

The visual economy

While mobile commerce currently accounts for 67.2% of the 2.32 trillion dollar mobile commerce market and cameras being ubiquitous within the 4.68 billion mobile devices worldwide, visual commerce is non-existent.

Empowering the nearly 5 billion mobile devices throughout the world to perform commerce within their visual fields of view helps create new business to be created, existing businesses increase sales, profitability and more importantly greater insights for global awareness of their product offerings.

growing the industry together


L. Lankford

P. Cooper

The spacial stack

BittBoard places user sovereignty and end-to-end data privacy as the nucleus of our technology stack.

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